You awake in the middle of the night to the sound of breaking glass and footsteps in your house. You know that you may be facing a home intruder, or possibly even multiple intruders. As you slip out of bed and grab your gun from the nightstand, your wife looks to you for instruction. What do you say? Obviously, it's a good idea to have her call the police immediately, but what else should she do to maximize her safety while you clear the house? This scenario is the subject of the most recent RECOILtv Training Tune Ups video with Dan Brokos.

A typical untrained intruder will enter the door as it opens, creating a blind spot you can exploit.

Remaining in a defensible static position seems easy enough — just find some cover or concealment in the room, and keep a gun at the ready in the direction of the door. However, some parts of the room are preferable for this tactic, which Brokos calls strong-pointing. Specifically, most homes have push doors that swing into the room. This means that the intruder, who probably won't be trained in CQB tactics, is likely to enter the room without checking this blind spot first.

Again, all of this may sound obvious to you, but it's worth communicating this information to family members ahead of time. This will ensure they're prepared for a home intruder situation, rather than looking to you for instructions. This advice is also useful for kids — they can be taught to hide on the inside of the door hinge until the all-clear is given. If they're old enough to be armed and defend themselves from that position, that's even better.

For more of Dan Brokos' tips for home defense and CQB tactics, check out the RECOILtv Training Tune Ups channel.

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