Self-defense skills are essential, whether that means using your bare hands, an improvised weapon, a flashlight, a knife, or a gun. No matter the skills you focus on, there's one common rule: frequent training is essential. Practicing regularly can mean the difference between freezing up during a real-world confrontation and letting your muscle memory kick in to win the fight. Rather than simply assuming you'll be able to protect yourself and your family, you should train enough to know for sure.

Fortunately, training can be a lot of fun if you keep it fresh. RECOILtv's Training Tune-Ups channel provides short videos outlining a variety of shooting drills for rifles and handguns, so you can easily try them at your local range. The latest episode features Dan Brokos explaining a pistol drill he calls “around the world.”

This drill involves 12 black circles on a paper target at close range. Each circle must be shot twice in rapid succession, moving as quickly as possible from one to the next, and reloading to complete all 24 hits. A shot timer is used to track the duration of the drill, and there's a one-second penalty for each shot outside the circles. Check out the video below to see Dan's completion time:

The “around the world” drill is a fun way to train at the range with friends for a little impromptu competition, or on your own to work on dropping your time. For more drills to try, go to or check out our previous Training Tune-Ups article about shooting over, under, and around vehicles.

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