Which country would you move to in order to avoid brutal hardship? Surviving an apocalyptic scenario is a subject that has fascinated and terrified humanity for centuries. Whether it's the breakdown of society, war, killer AI robots, or any other dystopian scenario, people have always wondered where the best place to survive would be. Back in 2021, Insider published a list of the five best countries to survive an “apocalypse”, but are they really the best choices? Let's take a look at their reasoning.

Insider's Countries to Survive the Apocalypse

  1. New Zealand: Known for its isolation and renewable energy sources, New Zealand tops the list. With 40% of its energy supply coming from renewable sources and 75% produced domestically, it seems like a safe haven.
  2. Iceland: With an abundance of natural and renewable resources, Iceland's isolation and cooler climate make it a strong contender.
  3. United Kingdom: Surprisingly, the UK's available farmland, temperate climate, and low risk of natural disasters place it on the list.
  4. Australia: Its location, climate, and massive land make Australia a prime spot to ride out the apocalypse.
  5. Ireland: With fertile soil, low population, and lower energy demand, Ireland rounds out the top five.

However, these choices may not be as ideal as they seem. In rebuttal to this list Andrew Henderson of NomadCapitalist.com draws on his experience helping others move around the globe to explain why you should reconsider. If you're not from these countries, moving there could be difficult. Ireland might be the easiest to move to, but the UK, Australia, and New Zealand are expensive and challenging for immigration. Iceland isn't very open to immigration either. So, where should you go instead?

Nomad Capitalist's Countries to Survive the Apocalypse

  • Latin America: Countries like Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, and Ecuador offer relatively straightforward residence options. Ecuador, with its cheap agricultural land and tax-friendly policies, could be an interesting choice.
  • Europe: Ireland still stands out, but Malta and Cyprus could be potential options. Switzerland's history and stability make it appealing, but it's expensive and centrally located on the European land mass.
  • Asia: Malaysia, with its foreigner-friendly land ownership and nice people, could be a place to consider.
  • Africa and the Pacific: Mauritius in Africa and Vanuatu in the Pacific offer residence for real estate buyers and are also tax-friendly.

While the top five countries listed by Insider may seem appealing at first glance, and for legitimate reasons, they might not be the best choices for everyone. Considering alternative options and understanding each countries immigration process is essential. Whether it's Latin America's affordability, Europe's stability, Asia's friendliness, or the unique offerings of Africa and the Pacific, the best place to survive the apocalypse may be more personal and nuanced than a simple list can capture. Watch Andrew's video below for a deeper dive, and hopefully a better understanding. Who knows, the best place to survive the apocalypse might be exactly where you're at right now.

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