As we go about our daily lives, we tend to assume those we encounter will be reasonably civil towards us. For example, it would be laughable to expect the barista at your local coffee shop to jump over the counter and start pummeling you if you don't provide a sufficient tip. While we're not always greeted politely by everyone we meet, society functions on a certain baseline level of human decency.

Thuggee criminal gang India murders 3

Merciless violent criminals are not a new phenomenon. Case in point: the Thuggee gangs discussed in the link below.

Unfortunately, there are a few individuals who are willing to completely disregard these unspoken rules for personal gain. As prepared individuals, we need to be always watching for these outliers, and be ready to swiftly defend against them.

John Correia of Active Self Protection discusses some lessons learned from this brutal attack.

John Correia of Active Self Protection analyzes violent encounters to teach self-defense.

In the video below from Active Self Protection, John Correia discusses a CCTV recording that shows a brutal and merciless mugging inside a convenience store. The perpetrator doesn't have a second thought about viciously beating his victim for having the gall to fight back, and the results are difficult to watch. However, there are some valuable lessons to be learned from this man's misfortune.

As John mentions, situational awareness is key. Any time you're in public, you should be watching and listening to your surroundings. By absent-mindedly looking through your wallet or using your phone, you expose your valuables and give criminals an opening to strike.

It's hard to adapt to your environment without situational awareness. Put your phone away. Pay attention.

It's hard to adapt to your environment without situational awareness. Put your phone away. Pay attention.

If situational awareness isn't sufficient to avoid the mugging or attack, you need to immediately go into an active state of self-defense. If you can escape the situation or at least put distance between yourself and your attacker, this should be your top priority. Otherwise, rely on your self-defense training to deflect the attacks and quickly counter-attack. Being prepared with a weapon — such as a firearm, knife, or other force-multiplier — can greatly increase your chances of survival.

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Most importantly, as John mentions in the video, you must be prepared to deal with an attacker who will show no mercy, and bystanders who will be frozen in fear. In these cases, deadly force against the attacker may be the only way to end the threat.

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