Archery is a skill we can really appreciate, as it provides a way to accurately and silently hunt game at a distance. This puts food on your table, doesn't consume valuable ammo, and doesn't alert everyone in a several-mile radius. It's perfect for a survival scenario, but you'll need the right equipment to maximize your effectiveness and take out game animals quickly.


One of the most important parts of an archery setup is the business end: the arrow heads. If you're using the wrong heads, you'll end up maiming your prey or losing your arrow. What you need is pinpoint accuracy, deep penetration, and bone-splitting performance. Xecutioner Broadheads has released a lineup of “born to kill” arrowheads that meet these needs.

Here's a list of some of their offerings:

Xecutioner arrow broadheads lead photo


Xecutioner 75gr. Xpandable – Brand new lightweight 75gr. Xpandable broadhead. Field-point-accurate performance with a 1.5″ cutting diameter and sharp .050″ stainless steel blades. Adjustable ferrule settings for low poundage bows, high poundage bows, and crossbows.

Xecutioner arrow broadheads 02

Xecutioner 100gr. Xpandable – Multiple colors, 2.5″ cutting diameter, .040″ blade thickness, razor-sharp tip, plus adjustable ferrule settings for low poundage bows, high poundage bows, and crossbows.

Xecutioner arrow broadheads 03

Xecutioner 125gr. Hybrid – Two-blade fixed cutting head with expanding blades. Expanding blades deliver a 3.5″ cutting diameter with .050″ blade thickness.

Xecutioner arrow broadheads 04

Xecutioner 125gr. Fixed – Two primary fixed cutting blades and four integrated bleeder blades deliver a 1.5″ cutting diameter and shorter blood-tracking. Blade thickness is .050″.

Xecutioner arrow broadheads 05

Xecutioner Tim Wells Signature Series Slocker– Ideal as a stand-alone small game head or modular collar placed behind your primary broadhead. Features body-shocking 1.25″ diameter to stop small game, turkeys and other prey in their tracks.

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