Weight - 2 pounds, 3 ounces
Dimensions Rolled Up - 15 x 6 x 5.5 inches
Dimensions Opened - 35 x 15 inches
URL - http://www.12survivors.com/
Kit Contains - 1 Emergency blanket
1 Poncho
8 PBT elastic bandages
4 Sterile non-woven gauze pads
2 Wet cleaning wipes
4 BZK antiseptic swabs
4 Alcohol prep pads
1 Pair of PVC gloves
10 Adhesive band-aids
1 Breath mask for mouth to mouth
1 Pair of tweezers
1 Zinc oxide adhesive plaster (tape)
2 Pairs of scissors
1 Tourniquet band
1 Emergency dressing

This kit offers all the first-aid basics in one life-saving heavy-duty nylon medical intervention containing roll. Its contents were chosen to treat injuries ranging from the basic knee scrape to the life-threatening extremity hemorrhage.

Unbuckle the two nylon buckles and the kit unrolls to reveal clearly labeled, easy-to-see-through, zipped mesh pockets so you can quickly identify the supplies you need under stress. The Velcro labels are user-configurable, which is nice. A panel of snap-button, MOLLE-compatible straps allow the kit to easily attach to your other gear, freeing up internal space for less in-pack clutter as well as giving you quick access to your medical supplies.

Measuring about 15 inches wide and 6 inches in diameter when rolled up, this kit isn't very compact. Even in its rolled form, it's not sealed from the weather, so the mesh pockets (and their contents) are at risk of getting wet. The good thing about that is that it should be easier to dry than if they were closed pockets. The bad thing is that everything can get soaked. It looks like 12 Survivors understands this and has packed just about all of its first-aid contents in waterproof or water-resistant packaging. When you add your own items, remember to make sure they're waterproof as well.

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