Make & Model - ambient weather WR-111B Adventurer Emergency Radio
Radio Bands - AM/FM/WB
Power Sources - Hand Crank / Solar / USB Rechargeable Battery
Dimensions - 5.5 in L x 3.125 in H x 2 in D
Weight - 10.9 oz
Colorway - Black/Red
MSRP - $40
Notes - Ambient weather makes quite a few models of emergency radios. We chose the WR-111B for its small overall size, relatively light weight, and useful features. The Adventurer features digital tuning for AM, FM, and WB bands, an illuminated digital display with a clock, and a 15-lumen three-LED flashlight. It can be charged by both AC and DC power sources, its built-in solar panel, and its hand crank. If you're in a pickle, it can also charge devices such as smartphones through its USB port as well. The black portions of its body are rubberized, giving it some impact resistance as well as additional grip.

Indoor Reception: AM Poor / FM Good / WB Good

Outdoor Reception: AM Excellent / FM Excellent / WB Excellent

Hand Cranking: 1 minute = 16 to 20 minutes of radio time

Ease of Use: Excellent

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