Make & Model - Arc'teryx LEAF Cold WX T-Shirt & Boxer AR-Wool
Fabric - ABMT 180gsm nylon core spun merino wool, 81% wool / 12% nylon / 7% elastane
Weight - 5.8/3.0 ounces (medium)
Colors - Black, Crocodile
MSRP - $99/$64

It seems odd to wear wool in temperate weather, but merino's moisture transport superpowers work just as well when it's warm. The Fabric wicks moisture like a champ, but it's hard to escape the feeling of warmth in this Weight of wool Fabric when used in the summer. We found it works great as a cool weather base layer when full-on long undies are too much.

The side and shoulder seams are identical to the long-sleeve versions. The crew neck is stretchy enough and holds its shape through washings, and it seems to have come to terms with life in and out of the dryer. The boxer briefs are cut well and provide support in all the right places. But wool underwear in the summer is still a sweaty affair.

– Wicks sweat
– Offers a cooler alternative to full coverage thermals

– Too warm for temperate climate
– Fabric feels wooly

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