Make & Model - Beyond Clothing A1-Power Wool Pullover Top & Long John Bottom
Fabric - Polartec Power Wool, 28% wool / 72% polyester
Weight - 8.8/7.8 ounces (medium)
Colors - Coyote
MSRP - $135/$75

Beyond's A1 Power Wool thermals are the warmest, and heaviest, of the thermals we tried. Maybe we've bought into the Power Wool hype, but there's no question the stuff does what it says. Even with this heavy Fabric, it breathes and moves sweat whether we were running a chainsaw in the snow or sitting through a morning briefing before heading out for a day of winter land nav.

The polyester face Fabric was noticeably less grabby than other base layer Fabrics when worn under uniform pants. The patterning is basic, leaving seams in less-than-ideal locations. We'd like a gusseted crotch for mobility and durability in that key location, and a deeper zipper up top would increase its venting ability when really pumping. We noticed one of the downsides of the heavier Power Wool Fabric is its stretch. The A1 feels tight in some areas, like the seat, but hangs loose on the ankles and cuffs.

– Extremely warm
– Moves sweat well

– Could use a deeper zipper
– Material isn't as stretchy as others in the group

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