Make & Model - BIC Classic Maxi
Dimensions - 3.2 by 1 by 0.6 inches
Weight - 0.7 ounces (including fuel)
MSRP - $6.50 per 5-pack / $1.30 each

With 4.2 million lighters produced every day, the BIC has become ubiquitous. Packs of these Classic lighters can be found in the check-out area of virtually any gas station, grocery store, or big-box retailer. As a result, they're a standard choice for bug-out bags and emergency kits. The BIC's Delrin polymer body is light, durable, and available in a massive variety of colors and patterns. Its flint wheel igniter is covered by a thin steel child-resistant band; we've seen many users pry off this band for easier operation. In addition to the standard-size Maxi, the company offers a smaller Mini variant variant (pictured in blue) that's about 30-percent smaller. Both versions are easy to use, and produce a strong 1-inch flame. These lighters are designed to be disposable and non-refillable.

– Lightweight, compact, and available in countless colors and designs
– Long lifespan of up to 3,000 ignitions
– Made in the USA and sold at an affordable price

– Child-resistant band reduces ease of operation
– Flame is easily extinguished by strong gusts of wind
– Igniting the lighter requires coordination, and may be difficult with cold or gloved hands

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