Make & Model - Cold Steel Trail Master
Overall Length - 14.5 inches
Blade Length - 9.5 inches
Blade Width - 1.63 inches
Blade Thickness - 0.31 inch
Handle Thickness - 0.75 inch
Handle Material - Kray-Ex
Weight - 1 pound
Blade Material - O1 carbon steel
MSRP - $250
Notes - With a broad clip blade jutting out 9.5 inches past the brass-plated guard like a 1970s Cadillac, this is one impressive piece of steel. It features no special additions, no ferro sticks, no compass in the handle, and no fancy colors or blade etchings. It's a knife made for those who want to cut something big from a distance and not worry about damaging the blade or the handle. This knife is so tough it can be used to pound a nail into a chunk of wood…with the blade face.
The sheath can be positioned on either side of the body. It's plastic, but with holes for paracord wrapping and a drain hole in the bottom. The Trail Master is for people who want to get things done with a heavy-duty, sharp instrument. James Bowie would be proud of this knife.


  • Well balanced and comfortable despite its size
  • Feels like it can cut through a tank
  • Ridiculously tough


  • Heavy and long, limiting agility when it comes to specialized tasks
  • Blade can rust without proper maintenance
  • Most expensive of the bunch

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