Make & Model - CRKT Iota
Dimensions - 3.2 by 1 by 0.5 inches
Weight - 0.5 ounces
Material - 2Cr13 steel
Colorways - Black, Silver
MSRP - $6

The Iota, designed by Tom Stokes, is quite diminutive — just one piece of contoured steel. At one end is a rectangular spork, with a deeper bowl than you might expect. It's pretty frustrating to eat with it due to its small size, though the fork tines are long enough to be of some help. A notch on the side functions as both a can and bottle opener, though you'll be cursing if you need to open more than one can — and good luck reaching into the can with the tiny Iota. A small cut out acts as a 1/4-inch wrench. A beveled edge isn't sharp, but can be used as pry tip and to open boxes. So,certainly not our favorite eating implement, but it comes with a small carabiner and can be used as a key chain or clipped on to your gear for emergency use.

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