Overall Length - 17.44 inches
Blade Length - 12 inches
Blade Material - 1075 carbon steel
Weight - 1 pound, 3.2 ounces
Accessories - Nylon belt loop sheath with paracord
URL - http://www.crkt.com/

The Liong Mah-designed machete has a distinctive upswept blade that measures 0.18-inch thick. It also has a unique hammer finish that we really like. You'd think the smooth walnut handle would feel slippery, but the grip's contour actually makes it feel quite secure in the hand. Plus, the tang extends from the bottom of the handle, giving you a nice pommel for striking or hammering. However, for the price, we expected a Kydex sheath instead of reinforced nylon.

Pros: Hammer finish, walnut grip panels, upswept blade
Cons: Price, nylon sheath

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