Make & Model - Cu Healthy Products The Copper Shark Utility 2nd Generation
OAL - 3.375 inches
Materials - Antimicrobial copper
Weight - 1.45 ounces
MSRP - $60

Thanks to pure copper's documented antimicrobial properties, the Copper Shark is said to provide a barrier between your hand and the germs that can make you sick. Besides a bottle opener, 1/4-inch hex wrench, and flathead screwdriver, the tool is designed to push open doors, flush toilets, and generally help you avoid meeting germs. Wash with soap and water to keep it smelling like pennies and killing the buggers. Made in the USA.

– Its bacteria-fighting properties can keep your hands clean and slow the spread of germs.
– Because copper is soft, it's also non-marking.
– The shark shape looks great on a key ring, and its fin works well as both a screwdriver and pry tool.

– There's a reason why most tools are made from steel. Copper isn't as hard or durable.
– There are only three tools on this shark, limiting its versatility.
– It feels a little small for those with bigger hands.

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