Make & Model - Echo-Sigma Get-Home Bag
Approximate Dimensions - 18 in. H x 9 in. W x 13 in. D
Weight - 15 lbs 14 oz.
MSRP - $425 (as configured)
Kit Contains - 1 Hydration System (2.5 liter)
1 Echo-Sigma 1-3 Day Provision Pack with MRE (optional):
> 1 Meal Ready to Eat (MRE)
> 3 Food ration bars
> 1 Drinking water (1.75 liters)
> 1 Paper napkins
1 Echo-Sigma Compact Survival Kit:
> 1 Compass
> 1 Emergency whistle
> 1 Emergency blanket
> 1 Butane disposable lighter
> 1 Magnesium fire-starter with flint striker
> 1 Duct tape (50 in.)
> 1 Bottle of water purification tablets
> 2 Chemical light sticks
> 1 Emergency fire-starter
> 40 Waterproof matches
> 2 Ballpoint pens
> 1 Pad of paper
> 1 Set of earplugs
1 Echo-Sigma Compact First-Aid Kit
1 SOG B63 Power Lock EOD Multi Tool (optional)
1 Waterproof LED Flashlight by Fenix E25 (187 lumens)
1 SOG FastHawk (optional)
1 Midland ER200 Multi Power Radio (optional)
50 Feet of military-grade 550 paracord
10 Extra-large zip-ties
1 Emergency tube tent
1 Emergency Poncho
1 Plexiglass mirror
1 Thermal sleeping bag
6 AA batteries
1 Pair of leather work gloves
2 N95-rated respirator masks
1 Pair of Protective goggles
2 Hand warmers

Echo-Sigma is a husband-and-wife team that got into making emergency kits because they couldn't find kits that suit their needs. Since starting up only four years ago, Echo-Sigma has quickly made a name for itself as a producer of quality disaster preparedness kits. A big draw for Echo-Sigma is its use of top-quality products and highly customizable options for most of its offerings. Its signature item, the Get-Home Bag, has made a splash in both the mainstream public and niche survival realms for allowing customers to select what they want in their bags so that they're not stuck with gear they'll just toss aside.

The Get-Home Bag is a mid-sized disaster-preparedness kit that features eye, mouth, and hand protection, as well as fire-starting and water-purification capabilities, and much more. The backpack is rugged and built to take abuse. It offers decent support with both sternum and hip support straps and a comfortable padded back. It's not very large so every cubic inch of it is used to carry gear and supplies. Our featured sample bag even has an axe hanging on its exterior. It can easily find a home under your desk at work or in the trunk of a small car.

If saving time is the main motivator in your decision to purchase a go-bag, you'll want to take a long, hard look at this pack. It may not be the cheapest one around, but it does allow you to choose what tools come with it.

The level of customization is uncommon in this genre: select from four kinds of multitools, five models of flashlights, multiple types of knives, and even a couple of pressurized hydration systems. The bags come ready to go; there is no need for removing packaging from individual items. All the included products are arranged, organized, and stowed for fast and easy access in case of an emergency.

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