Make & Model - ESEE Knives ESEE-6
Overall Length - 11.75 inches
Blade Length - 6.5 inches
Blade Width - 1.56 inches
Blade Thickness - 0.19 inch
Handle Thickness - 0.69 inch
Handle Material - Micarta
Weight - 12 ounces
MSRP - $216
Notes - Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin designed this knife not via a committee or with profit solely in mind, but because their experience and practical application of knives in the real world showed them what a knife should do.
Similar in length to many military models, the 6.5-inch drop-point blade is a larger knife, but still compact enough to be an everyday-carry (EDC) tool. The beveled edges on the Micarta handle provide a comfortable grip without feeling clunky, and the finger groove is deep and well defined. The exposed tang past the rounded pommel, with a hole to fit a lanyard, can double as a hammer. On the business end, the full flat grind creates a laser-like edge and a sharp, narrow point. The jimping on the spine allows for the thumb to help steady the knife during fine cutting or rapid slicing.


  • Excellent balance at the hilt
  • Exposed tang at the pommel for hammering
  • No-questions-asked lifetime warranty
  • Beautiful color combination


  • The plastic sheath might not hold up as long as the knife (but it does have paracord holes and is ambidextrous). Some assembly required.
  • Blade can rust without proper maintenance
  • At more than two bills, it's an investment

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