Make & Model - ExtremeBeam OSR-800 Headlamp
Weight - 3.9 oz
Battery Type - AAA (3)
Lumen Rating - 180
Average Runtime - 24 hr
Range - 550 ft
MSRP - $29.95
Notes - The OSR-800 looks big, because frankly, it is big. The housing is enormous when compared to some of the other models featured in this guide. That being said, we found the OSR-800 to be fairly balanced, and the included three-strap headband kept it in place well. Unique to this model is a telescoping lens housing that allows you to focus the light beam from flood to spotlight. We tried the spotlight at night outdoors and can tell you that the spotlight goes quite some distance; we estimate the usable beam of light is around 500 feet out—not too shabby for a hands-free light.
Features - Four modes, including SOS flashing
Beam is adjustable for focused or wide-spread light
Lamp head swivels downward as much as 90 degrees

Head-Mounted Lights

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