Dimensions - 17x9x4in
Weight - 5.23 pounds
Max Bag Width - 11 inches
URL - http://www.foodsaver.com/

Foodsaver is the most widely recognized vacuum sealer brand, having played a large part in popularizing vacuum sealers for home use. If you haven't seen one of their infomercials, then you clearly haven't enjoyed the wonders of insomnia. Given their long history of building products for the consumer market, they've refined their sealers with convenient and compact designs, handy features, and strong price/performance. Foodsaver offers a line of sealers from basic to full featured, and we were able to purchase the FM-2100 model shown here for just $60 on sale at Costco. Yet it still has a host of features, including dry and moist modes, built-in roll storage and cutter, removable drip tray, and a hose accessory. And it packs away nicely in a kitchen cupboard. With the versatility to use rolls, pouches, zippered bags, canisters, and other accessories, this Foodsaver is a great value and a perfect entry point to the world of vacuum sealing.

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