Dimensions - 15.9 x 12.5 (14.6 with roll holder) x 6.5 inches
Weight - 15.6 poinds
Max Bag Width - 11 inches
URL - http://www.westonsupply.com/

Weston's Pro line of sealers are gleaming stainless steel industrial tools in a sea of plastic kitchen appliances. The Pro 1100 and its big brother feature sturdy stainless steel construction and cooling fans for their hearty vacuum pumps. The Pro 1100 makes concessions to consumer convenience, featuring a pulse mode, manual seal, seal time adjustment, an accessory port to connect a hose for canisters and other containers, and a roll holder and cutter. But in keeping with the industrial theme, this sealer proudly shoulders its roll in plain view on pieces of steel bolted onto its case. Jonathan Ive would have a cow. We love it; this is serious hardware if you have the budget.

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