Dimensions - 8.3 x6.8 x 4.1 inches
Weight 2.5 pounds
Max Bag Width - N/A
URL - Http://www.oliso.com/

The Oliso features a very clever design in a compact and modern package that would look at home in your granite-encrusted fantasy kitchen. Rather than having a vacuum chamber that pulls air out of the open end of a bag, the Oliso punctures an enclosed zippered bag, evacuates the air, and creates a circular seal around the puncture. Essentially, it's like having a Ziploc bag that you can open and close, filling it up with your items and easily vacuum sealing it when you wish. The downsides are that you're limited to using Oliso's bags, in the dimensions that they offer, and that the Oliso chalked up the longest processing times in our testing _ substantially longer than the others. That being said, the Oliso bristles with features, including dry and moist modes, an accessory port, and a 12-volt adapter. It's also incredibly simple to use. Just slide the pouch into the machine and it starts automatically; no fussing about with straightening and lining up the bag while trying to close the cover.

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