Make & Model - GoSun Stove GoSun Sport
Dimensions - 26 by 5.25 by 9.25 inches
Weight - 7 pounds
MSRP - $279

Just unboxing these unusual solar ovens was an odd experience. And the GoSun Sport was definitely the most unusual, with two long parabolic reflectors running down the length of a heat-proof tube made from borosilicate glass, which contains a 2-inch-wide cylinder cook “pan.”

The legs were difficult to adjust and didn't line up evenly, so it wobbled on a flat surface. While the reflectors were able to rotate toward the sun no matter where it was in the sky, they were difficult enough to move that it felt like they would break.

Fortunately, it cooks quickly. We poured in our liter of water and set it up with the other ovens. The internal temperature of the tube quickly reached 400 degrees, and the water started to bubble in about 30 minutes.

The GoSun is very unique, but sometimes unique isn't entirely useful. Though the cooking “pan” is about 25 inches long and a couple inches wide and can hold a variety of food, it doesn't hold a lot of it — 40 fluid ounces to be exact. It excels at cooking tubed meats and is ideal for a single adventurer or a trio at most.

– For its size, it produces a tremendous amount of heat.
– If you need to keep a low profile, it contains odors inside its tube.
– The tray is dishwasher safe (but the handle is not).
– It cooks all sides of the food simultaneously.

– The glass tube seems fragile.
– The inside of the tube is difficult to clean (even though a scrubber is attached to the tray).
– Doesn't cook very much food.
– Though portable, it isn't easily carried without the bag (and ours didn't come with one).

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