Make & Model - One Earth Designs SolSource Bundle
Dimensions - 4 feet, 11 inches by 3 feet, 11 inches
Weight - 39.6 pounds
MSRP - $569

In no way, shape, or form will this solar oven go with you when your neighborhood crumbles into ruins — it's too bad, because it's the one you want if you like to grill, fry, or otherwise sear slabs of meat like you were standing in front of a charcoal barbecue.

Thanks to the five parabolic mirrors, we recorded temperatures on the base of our pot at 525 degrees F! We were able to boil the pint of water in about 25 minutes — making this the only oven which could reach a rolling boil — and grilling a 2-inch piece of sausage on the included grill pan was a snap.

It's awkward to move and bulky to store. And if you accidentally glance at it, it's quite blinding. The instructions, with the happy and sad man telling you what to do and not do, comes straight out of IKEA's playbook. The bundle includes a grill pan with a lid and a cover for the dish array. If you prefer just the solar cooker itself, it'll set you back $499.

– A beautifully engineered piece of gear designed to last a long time
– The blacked-out aiming mirror on the bottom was helpful at keeping the sun pinpointed on the bottom of the pot.
– Aiming the dish is simple and quick
– Access to the pot through the “missing panel” area puts you out of the sun's reflection.

– It's enormous and doesn't break down well for storage. One Earth Designs provides a cover for it, so they probably expect it to become a fixture on your patio.
– It takes a while to assemble.
– Since the pot is suspended in the air, it's susceptible to wind, causing temperature fluctuations.
– The light is so focused that you'll need to shift the food around on the pan frequently to avoid burning, and the cooker needs to be aligned every 20 minutes or so.

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