Make & Model - Sun Oven International All American Sun Oven
Dimensions - 31 by 33 by 30 inches
Weight - 23 pounds
MSRP - $349 (plus $34 for two pots)

One thing we liked about this solar box oven is that the reflector panels are attached to the oven so they won't get misplaced or damaged. Though smaller than the Solavore Sport, the Sun Oven is heavier. This is probably because the lid is made of glass and there's a wood trim around the lip. It has a carrying handle, but if you don't secure the glass lid, you soon might have a broken glass lid (though the reflective panels have a strap that snaps down).

This oven was slower to reach temperatures of around 275 degrees F than the other box oven, but it held that temperature longer after they were turned away from the sun. In the hour-long testing period, it couldn't reach a boil, only forming tiny bubbles on the sides of the pan.

The deep box means you can use taller pots, and a leveling leg on the rear allows you to better aim it at the sun or keep it secure on uneven ground.

Side note: The Sun Oven's website has an extensive collection of solar oven recipes. Even if you don't own a Sun Oven, it's worthy of a visit for great ideas.

– Sturdy design and rugged materials (except for the glass top)
– The leveling leg can help aim the oven at a low sun.
– Impressive collection of recipes specifically for solar ovens
– Attached thermometer

– Needs two handles so you don't have to carry it like a suitcase.
– Without a latching mechanism, the glass lid could break if you're not careful.

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