Make & Model - Solavore Sport Solar Oven
Dimensions - 21 by 30 by 20 inches
Weight - 9 pounds
MSRP - $244 (plus $29 for the case)

Made from thick insulated (R-value of 6.5) fiberglass with a black aluminum liner on the inside, the Solavore Sport box oven is big enough to put the two included 9-inch, 3-quart pots side by side with room left over for a small thermometer. The lid is also insulated with a plastic sheet, and reflective panels clip on the lid to provide additional heat if needed.

Once in the sun, it reached a maximum temperature of 275 degrees F in about 25 minutes, but after an hour, it still couldn't get the water to boil. Designed with a 30-degree slant to better catch UV rays, it can be used on its side for a 60-degree slant. It's bottom heavy and unaffected by wind, but the panels are only connected by small springs that slipped off easily.

The lid fogged up due to water vapor, and we felt this would produce some great biscuits or cookies. It quickly turned the length of sausage into a steaming link in about 10 minutes; it took the longest amount of time but also seemed like it would be near impossible to burn your food.

– Big floor space for two pots and a lot of food
– Well insulated to keep in the heat
– Impossible to burn the food due to the mild temperature
– There's very little to set up

– Flimsy attachment points for the reflector panels
– The plastic lid doesn't lock on.
– Awkward to carry (no handles)

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