Type - Unstructured Hammock
Weight - 20 oz (Hammock & steel 'biners)
Colors - Kryptek Highlander, Typhoon, Yeti
MSRP - $100
URL - http://www.grandtrunk.com/kryptek

Grand Trunk was founded by a couple of guys who met as they were backpacking through Thailand. Maybe their mutual dislike of eight-man bunk rooms, shared bathrooms, and hostel housekeeping rules brought them together. Who knows? But, we know that led them to make a line of simple, highly packable hammocks that would let walkabout travellers sleep anywhere they could find a couple of trees and a cool breeze. The Kryptek Double Hammock is at home on the beach or in the woods. Its subdued colors and Kryptek camo will reduce your visual signature in wooded environments and will reduce the chances of waking up to a gun in your face. The hammock is big enough to hold a couple, or a person with some gear. With just one person, the sides are tall enough to wrap around and completely conceal the occupant. Don't care about hiding? Tuck some of the fabric under your elbows and feel the breeze. Like all open-top, unstructured hammocks, this one can be hung with the ends close together to make a super recliner.

The integral stuff sack doubles as a stash pocket when you're in the hammock. That's it for frills; Grand Trunk keeps it simple and strong. This hammock can hold 400 pounds. The fabric feels like a heavy parachute and doesn't stretch much, if at all.

Hanging the Kryptek Double with the included ‘biners and nylon rope is simple enough, but opting for the new Trunk Straps (shown, far right) make things easier and faster, though it adds a bit of weight and bulk to the kit.

Accessories: Trunk Straps, 12 oz, $30

Pros: Simple design, excellent camouflage.

Cons: Will roll you like a burrito.

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