Make & Model - Hausbell T6-D
Claimed Maximum Brightness - Unlisted
Claimed Maximum Runtime - Unlisted
Minimum Length - 6.5 inches
Maximum Length - 7.2 inches
Weight with Batteries - 7.4 ounces
Battery Type - 18650 lithium-ion (one, not included) or AAA (three, not included)
Controls - Push-button side switch (constant-on only)
Output Modes - High, medium, low, strobe, SOS
Special Features - Slide-focusing optic, wrist lanyard, bottle opener tail cap, glow-in-the-dark ring, dual-battery compatibility
MSRP - $8

We found this flashlight on for just $8. The listing describes its patented technology and so-called “Atomic Beam” — thankfully, it hasn't given us cancer … yet. Unfortunately, the listing doesn't say much else, so we have no idea exactly how bright this is (we'd estimate about 200 lumens) or how long it'll run. The controls are also rather strange. The light is off when the side button is pushed in (recessed), and releasing it turns the light on. Repeating this step cycles modes, but there's no time-delay, so each time you use the light it'll be in a different mode. The beam can be focused by sliding the bezel forward or backward, and this is easy to adjust one-handed. Despite its many glaring shortcomings, the T6-D is not entirely terrible if you're determined to spend as little as possible.

-Floodlight beam is broad and even
-Focus is easily adjusted by sliding the bezel with your thumb
-It's dirt cheap

-Rather than a soft circle of light, the spotlight beam produces an ugly square outline of the LED.
-Shoddy build quality — screwing on the tail cap feels gritty, produces fine metal shavings, and makes a grinding noise.
-It's impossible to turn the light on and off without switching modes, so you'll have to cycle through four settings each time you use it.
-Doesn't include batteries

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