Type - Structural Ridgeline Hammock
Weight - 59 oz (Hammock, Fly, Snake Skins, Straps)
Colors - Bark
MSRP - $280
URL - http://www.hennessyhammock.com

Tom Hennessy nailed the hammock tent. His line of suspended shelters sets the standard for camping hammocks as far as we're concerned. From compact and ultralight to roomy and heavy duty, Hennessy has a lot of bases covered. The Jungle Explorer is one of the company's latest designs. It falls on the larger, burlier side of the lineup; it's got room for a big person and some gear, if you don't mind waking up with your pack trying to share the same space as you. Like all Hennessy hammocks, the Jungle Explorer Zip is a sleep system made up of the basic hammock with integral bug netting, integral hanging ropes, and rain fly. A line connects each of the ropes to form a stressed ridgeline that not only holds up the bug net and fly, but also adds structure to the hammock so the floor sags the same amount regardless of the way the hammock is hung. This means you're getting the same bedding experience whether the hammock is hung from trees 12 or 18 feet apart. The double bottom means insects aren't biting through the fabric, and it gives you someplace to stick some insulation. A Kifaru Woobie shoved in there kept the chills at bay during many mid-Atlantic summer nights. Hennessy sells the Radiant Double Bubble insulation pad that fits in the slot and offers a low-fuss layer of reflective insulation. It's a great option for static site setups, but we found it adds too much bulk to the system when breaking things down.

Set up is fast. Pass the included tree wraps around a tree and use Hennessy's figure-8 knotless lashing method to secure the hammock ropes to the tree wraps. Shock cords with big clips make guying the sides out pretty painless. You can hook the fly guy lines to the two hammock guy lines for even simpler setup. Our hammock came with a set of semi-integral stuff sacks Hennessy calls Snake Skins (shown). They stay on the ropes when the hammock is in use and are pulled down to enclose the hammock and fly when it's time to move out. With the Snake Skins pulled down, the whole shebang can be unlashed from the tree straps and shoved directly into a pack.

Accessories: Radiant Double Bubble Pad XL, 14 oz, $35; Snake Skins Stuff Sack, 3 oz, $20

Pros: All-in-one design has everything needed for any situation appropriate for a hanging shelter, speedy setup, and breakdown for a full-featured hammock shelter. Rain fly can be set up to maintain some visibility.

Cons: No hammock-only, compact/lightweight configuration.

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