Make & Model - KA-BAR Tactical Spork
Dimensions - 6.9 by 1.2 by 0.7 inches
Weight - 1.2 ounces
Material - Grilamid
Colorways - Black
MSRP - $8

KA-BAR's Tactical Spork is made of Grilamid and separates in half by pulling it apart. True to its tactical moniker, it's quite sturdy, and you'd have a hard time breaking it, unless you're really trying or are a Marine. The two parts don't have a locking mechanism but hold tightly enough; they do rattle a bit. Our favorite part of this tool is the 2.6-inch serrated knife hidden in the handle. The spork part, less so. The tines are OK as far as sporks go, but the spoon is rather small and the bowl quite deep, making eating from it somewhat awkward. Still, it's fun, and you could use it as an improvised weapon if need be.

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