Make & Model - Kershaw Ration
Dimensions - 4.6 by 1.4 by 0.6 inches
Weight - 1.2 ounces
Material - 3Cr13MoV steel
Colorways - Bead Blasted
MSRP - $7

Rather than offering the ubiquitous spork design in the compact steel Ration, Kershaw went with a separate spoon and fork on either end. The spoon is generously sized and works well, though there isn't much of a handle as you grab the fork end. The fork has real tines and is moderately effective, though they're somewhat short and taper with less spacing in the slots than we'd like. It's great to separate the spoon and the fork on either end, but you may have already realized the downside of this arrangement — if you need to use both during your meal, you'll get food on your hands, since you need to grab one end to use the other. Its small size also makes it hard to reach into deep or narrow cans or containers. It has a built-in bottle opener and carabiner clip, making for a handy tool to clip on your gear for occasional or emergency use.

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