Make & Model - La Crosse NOAA Weather Radio [810-106]
Radio Bands - AM/FM/WB
Power Sources - Hand Crank / Solar / Rechargeable Battery
Dimensions - 5.5 in L x 2.375 in H x 2.5 in D
Weight - 10.7 oz
Colorway - Silver/Black
MSRP - $60
Notes - Right off the bat, La Crosse's NOAA Weather Radio impressed us with its clear reception on AM, FM, and WB bands. It features digital tuning and a backlit display with clock. This radio is powered by hand crank, solar power, and rechargeable battery. Only about a minute of hand cranking netted us almost half an hour of radio time. It can recharge your other devices via hand cranking through its mini-USB port. Its three-LED light isn't extremely bright, but is enough to get the job done. The 810-106 has a rubberized exterior, making it easy to grip, and a small overall size, which makes it a cinch to pack.

Indoor Reception: AM Good / FM Excellent / WB Excellent

Outdoor Reception: AM Excellent / FM Excellent / WB Excellent

Hand Cranking: 1 minute = 30 minutes of radio time

Ease of Use: Excellent

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