Make & Model - LED Lenser P17.2
Max Lumen Output - 450
Max Runtime - 300 hrs.
Overall Length - 12.1 in.
Weight with Batteries - 1.7 lbs.
Battery Type - D (three, included)
Controls - Push-button switch with constant-on and momentary modes
Output Modes - High, low
Special Features - Slide focus, belt holster, IPX4 water-resistant
MSRP - $110

With its patented Advanced Focus System that combines a reflector and a sliding lens, the P17.2 produces a beam pattern that's crystal-clear and smooth. The floodlight setting throws light at an ultra-wide angle, making it excellent for room clearing indoors, and the spotlight setting yields very good long-range visibility outdoors. This focal range makes the P17.2 a highly versatile flashlight, rather than relegating it to a single setting. The light's biggest weak point is its power switch. Momentary use is tricky — too little pressure causes the light to blink on and off; too much pressure clicks into constant-on mode. As long as momentary use isn't among your priorities, the P17.2 is a strong contender.

Pros: Versatile focal range, from tight spotlight to wide flood, Even beam pattern at any focal setting

Cons: Momentary mode requires precise button pressure, Frozen Black matte finish shows every scratch and scuff.

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