GLOVE - Mammut Clomb Glove
COLORS - Black
PALM MATERIAL - Goat Leather
MSRP - $79
NOTES - The glove isn't meant for bivouacking on a frigid mountainside, but for the sweat-soaked ascent that demands maximum tactility and control of the tools of ascension. If you can feel the warmth of sun on your back and hear the dripping of icicles around you, chances are the Climb Glove will be enough to keep your fingers from resembling a 10-pack of pink Popsicles as long as you're focused on the up.
PERFORMANCE - Winter in icy New England and the mountains of western Wyoming aren't anything like the temperate-ish conditions found across most of the Southern U.S. So, if you don't need a cold weather hero glove for your climate, or you live in the cold but you're all about touch and control, check out the Climb Glove.

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