Make & Model - Mammut T-Trail + Ambient Light Dry Bag
Weight - 2.5 oz
Battery Type - AAA (3)
Lumen Rating - 60
Average Runtime - low 80 hr / high 20 hr
Range - 98 ft
MSRP - $49.95
Notes - The T-Trail features a long runtime and a rotating light head that can move down 45 degrees for ease of adjustment. A standout feature of this light is the accessory it comes with. The Ambient Light Dry Bag is used in conjunction with the head-mounted lamp to diffuse light to create a soft wide area light. When deployed, the bag and light combo can be used to cook or read with. When not in use, the dry bag can be stowed away or even used as a waterproof storage bag.
Features - Four LED lamp
Flood light pattern
Ambient light dry bag

Head-Mounted Lights

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