Make & Model - MiiR Vacuum Insulated
Colorway - Stainless (shown), Matte Black
Capacity - 0.7 L (24 oz)
Height x Diameter - 9.75 X 2.75 in
Weight (Empty) - 12 oz
MSRP - $30
Notes - The MiiR Vacuum Insulated bottle is as basic as it gets, but don't let its simple design fool you. The manufacturer promises that this bottle will keep cold things cold for over 24 hours and hot things hot for over 12 hours. Made of 18/8 stainless steel, the bottle comes with a black wedge lid featuring a loop that's wide enough to fit most carabiners. Alternative lids are available on MiiR's website. As a feel-good bonus, the company donates clean water to one person in need for a year with every bottle purchased.


Pros: Sleek look, fits in most cup holders, keeps beverage temperature well

Cons: Narrow mouth makes pouring liquid in it without spilling a challenge

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