Type - Structural Ridgeline Hammock
Weight - 24.4 oz (Hammock, Straps, Fly)
Colors - Gray, Green
MSRP - $400
URL - http://www.nemoequipment.com

Nemo Equipment did their homework on this shelter. Aside from a comfortable sleeping position the other things you'll want from a hammock are a speedy setup and teardown. We think Tetrapod's built-in tensioning strap is a great way to set up the tent quickly without dicking around, trying to get. just. one. link. tighter. as we always do on the daisy chain setups. Wrap a runner around the anchor any way you want and attach the hammock with a ‘biner. Then, yank on the free end to tighten up the hammock as you like. Because of the way it's made, you can use an alternate method if you find yourself without a runner for the anchor. Unthread the webbing from the buckle, girth hitch it around the anchor, and run the free end back into the buckle. A downside of this method is rethreading the webbing in the dark if light discipline is an issue. But, it's good to have options if when something goes wrong. It's also got a two-way stuff sack so you can set up and break down the hammock without losing track of the bag. Just leave it on the support webbing as shown, left.

The shelter uses a stressed ridgeline to hold the hammock's shape, support the integrated bug mesh and hold the included rain fly up. The zippered entrance is easy to open and close and once inside, there's plenty of room to lie diagonally for that sweet flatness. The edge of the tent serves as a pocket. Put stuff in the corner and the fold keeps it there, out of the way. If you need a Berry Amendment compliant hammock, here you go. If you don't, or you don't know what the Berry Amendment is, then you can wait until early 2015 for Nemo to release the commercial version of the Tetrapod SE for about $250.

Pros: Efficient setup and teardown.

Cons: Needs more elegant guy line system for rain fly.

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