Make & Model - Nightstick NSP-2422B Dual-Light
Claimed Maximum Brightness - 130 lumen flashlight, 110 lumen floodlight
Claimed Maximum Runtime - Flashlight: 9.5 hrs.; Floodlight: 10.5 hrs; Both: 5 hrs
Overall Length - 7 in.
Weight with Batteries - 6.7 oz.
Battery Type - AA (three, included)
Controls - Dual push-button switches
Output Modes - Flashlight (momentary-on or constant-on), floodlight, or both
Special Features - Polymer body with magnetic tail, built-in pocket/belt clip with magnet, crenellated bezel, wrist lanyard, IPX7 waterproof
MSRP - $26

With two magnets, two LEDs, and two switches, the Dual-Light lives up to its name. This configuration provides a front-facing flashlight with a spot beam for long-distance illumination and a side-mounted floodlight for lighting your path as you walk. When mounted horizontally overhead, the floodlight can brighten your desk or workbench in a wash of soft white light. The battery installation process is less than ideal, requiring unscrewing the bezel, pulling out the reflector with your fingers, and sliding the light's fragile internals out of the body. Unless you're in a sterile cleanroom with gloves, this is guaranteed to introduce fingerprint smudges and dust to the reflector. However, this light is highly versatile and delivers good value for the money.

– Dual magnets and dual LEDs provide excellent versatility.
– Side-mounted flood light is handy for lighting your path.
– Great value for the price tag

– Changing batteries requires removing the light's internals.
– Flashlight beam is center-heavy and uneven.

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