Make & Model - Olight H15 Wave LED Headlamp
Weight - 3.31 oz
Battery Type - AAA (4)
Lumen Rating - low 4.2 / high 150
Average Runtime - low 72 hr / high 3 hr
Range - 213 ft
MSRP - $39.95
Notes - The H15 Wave gets major points for ingenuity and keeping within the hands-free theme. It is equipped with an IR sensor that senses the wave of your hand in front of the unit, which activates and even adjusts the light. One quick wave at about 3 to 4 inches in front of the unit will turn the light on. Another quick wave will dim the light. Any motion beyond that range doesn't affect the light's function. That's great for when you really need to activate and adjust light with a quick wave, but we discovered that when we did use that feature, the light splash back from our hand routinely blinded us. We also found the different light controls to be confusing to operate, and sometimes our hands would inadvertently activate or change the light function, which was an annoyance. The overall size of the unit, including the rear-mounted battery pack (which features a dim red light for safety), is pretty hefty, but the three-strap headband made it comfortable to wear. The unit's light quality was excellent, however.
Features - Two light sources, one CREE XM-L white LED and two red LEDs
Light can be activated at the wave of your hand
Swivel light diffuser lens
Lamp head swivels downward as much as 75 degrees

Head-Mounted Lights

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