Make & Model - Ortovox 185 Rock'N'Wool Long Sleeve & Short Pants
Fabric - 100% virgin merino wool
Weight - 6.2/5.4 ounces (medium)
Colors - blue, green, gray, red
MSRP - $110/$100

They are the European masters of merino, but you've never heard of Ortovox because the company only brought their clothing line to the U.S. a couple years ago. It's one of the deepest catalogs of merino-based performance clothing out there. The 185 Rock'N'Wool is 100 percent, unadulterated, 19-micron fiber merino wool. There's no nylon, no polyester, nada. Despite the lack of includes, the Fabric has the hand of a buttery T-shirt. It's also warm as heck and breathes like a champ. It's ideal for stop-and-go pursuits. Durability is up in the air, as it doesn't have nylon to help it out. It's a bit fussy when it comes to care, calling for a cold wash, inside-out, using wool detergent and flat, air drying.

It's super comfy, though. Despite being pure wool, the Fabric's hand gives no hint of itch. While there's clearly something special going on with the Fabric, the seams are all pretty standard fare, running right along the shoulder — not great for packs. And they converge under the armpit where they're gonna chafe. The short pants are great for anything involving boots and tall socks such as skiing or hunting. The knee patches improve durability of the merino in a high wear area.

– Good looking
– Soft, all natural Fabric
– Extremely comfortable across wide range of temperatures

– No pee slot
– Pure wool Fabric construction isn't as durable as blends

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