Make & Model - Pelican 3715PL
Max Lumen Output - 233
Max Runtime - 31 hrs.
Overall Length - 5.4 in.
Weight with Batteries - 14.4 oz.
Battery Type - AA (four, included)
Controls - Push-button switch
Output Modes - High, low, downcast, flashing
MSRP - $163

Pelican's 3715 line of angle lights was recently updated, increasing max output by nearly 60 lumens. The “PL” in the model name indicates an optional photo-luminescent (glow-in-the-dark) bezel. The large power button is ideal for use with gloves, and three blue LEDs on this button provide an easy way to gauge battery level. Downcast LEDs illuminate the ground, even while the main light is pointing straight ahead. This reduces the risk of stumbling over low obstacles. However, the large rectangular body is ungainly to hold, and it's clear this light was designed almost exclusively for clip-on use.

Pros: Easy to locate in the dark, Battery meter, Downcast LEDs, certified as intrinsically-safe (Class I, Division 1 / IECEx ia)

Cons: Heavy, Awkward to hand-hold

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