Make & Model - Red Rock Outdoor Gear 4-in-1 Chow Set
Dimensions - 7.5 / 4.5 (open / closed) by 1.5 by 1.3 inches
Weight - 5.2 ounces
Material - Stainless steel
Colorways - Silver
MSRP - $9

This Swiss Army-style design from Red Rock Outdoor Gear is different from the others, with a clever interlocking design that secures its two layers together when the fork and spoon are collapsed. When you extend both of them, the internal studs are freed and the two halves fall apart. The fork portion also has a bottle and can opener, while the spoon portion houses a 2.8-inch knife. All work well, with the fold-out fork being refreshingly similar to a regular fork. Of the folding style tools, this is our favorite and the most functional. However, like the other folding utensils, it's harder to keep clean and dry. While washing it, some water seeped into the handle. We didn't sufficiently dry it, and rust formed. It comes with a simple carrying case, though our fork tines occasionally got stuck in the stitching.

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