GLOVE - Smartwool Ridgeway Glove
COLORS - Black, Buck
BASE MATERIAL - Leather/Wool
INSULATION - Wool lining
MSRP - $80
NOTES - Wool is one of our favorite performance fabrics. But, when we think of wool handwear, they're the big, hairy, ivory-colored beasts popular in the '70s. Since we weren't eager to teleport back to the time of bell-bottoms and the Brady Bunch, the Ridgeway didn't get much wear time. At first.
PERFORMANCE - It turns out, like most things in life, a strong negative reaction can lead to a stronger bond than one that begins with a "meh." Once we gave it a chance, the Ridgeway became a favorite yard glove. The soft leather grabbed everything like caterpillar feet. The lining never hinted at the itch we remembered from our childhood. And warm? Yes. Even when they were wetted out with slushy snow, the wool kept the frost at bay. As a SHTF glove, the boxy fingers aren't great for pulling triggers, but they are naturally fire resistant.

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