Make & Model - SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Baton Q2
OAL - 6 inches open; 6.3 inches closed
Materials - 5Cr15Mov blade and aluminum body
Weight - 3 ounces
MSRP - $67

Instead of folding up, SOG's Baton series stands out for, well, storing all their tools in a baton. The Q2 packs a fixed-blade knife in a nonthreatening package for carry in an urban environment. It includes an LED flashlight, bottle opener, and screwdriver. This design won “Most Innovative Imported Design” at The Blade Show in 2017. Made in China.

– Fact of life: Fixed-blades are stronger than folders.
– It has many of the tools you might look for in a basic EDC kit.
– The flashlight produces a respectable 75 lumens.

– The blade guard, when folded back, either makes an awkward handle or sticks out.
– The battery takes up most of the tang.
– SOG says the flashlight will run for just 30 minutes before needing more juice.
– Doesn't fit into the pen holders of a messenger bag or backpack

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