Make & Model - Spark SD-52NW
Weight - 4.23 oz
Battery Type - AA (2)
Lumen Rating - low 0.5 / high 280
Average Runtime - low 50 days / high 1.5 hr
Range - not listed
MSRP - $89
Notes - The SD-52NW features a neutral white light that is easy on the eyes, even in its brightest mode. The maximum lumen rating is listed at 280, although it doesn't seem nearly that bright. It could be because the light is made to cover a wide area in front of the user and not a focused sharp beam. The aluminum body is heavy, but the three-strap headband keeps it in place. A feature we really like is the reverse polarity protected circuit. That means that no matter how you install the AA batteries, the light will not short. For proper operation, you only need to install the two batteries in opposite directions in either terminal, one with the positive terminal in first and the other with the negative terminal first. This way, you can replace batteries in complete darkness going by feel only without worrying about shorting the unit. That's a definite plus.
Features - Reverse polarity protected circuit
Hard anodized aluminum body
Single-button operation
Optional pocket clip and magnet mounts included

Head-Mounted Lights

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