Make & Model - Spartan Blades Pallas Tanto Blackout
Overall Length - 8.75 inches
Blade Length - 3.75 inches
Weight - 4.9 ounces
MSRP - $290

Pallas was one of the Titans of Greek mythology, specifically the god of war. This manual-opening flipper knife bears the same name. Made in the USA with an S35VN steel blade and 6061 aluminum handle, the Spartan Pallas is available in both drop-point and tanto profiles. This is the tanto Blackout version, with tungsten black DLC coating on the blade and a matte black anodized frame. The Pallas uses a button lock mechanism that seats into a semi-circular cutout on the blade; pressing the button allows the blade to open and shut with a flick of the wrist.

– The sleek black handle contrasts nicely with the stainless hardware and stonewashed titanium pocket clip.
– The ramped notch in the blade's spine is just right for a “thumbs up” Filipino grip — a nice nod to the combat-oriented intentions of this design.

– During testing, the button lock on our sample began to disengage if pressure was applied to the spine. This caused the blade to unlock and start closing unexpectedly. However, Spartan Blades was happy to replace the entire knife under warranty with a same-day turnaround.

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