Make & Model - Stanley Classic Vacuum Water Bottle
Colorway - Hammertone Navy (shown), Hammertone Green
Capacity - 0.8 L (27 oz)
Height x Diameter - 12.38 X 3.38 in
Weight (Empty) - 1 lb 3.6 oz
MSRP - $30
Notes - When you imagine hot coffee being poured from a vacuum bottle, chances are you picture it flowing out of a classic Stanley bottle. This is the quintessential vacuum bottle that's been around since horses outnumbered cars on city streets. This 21st century interpretation features an 18/8 stainless construction, leak-proof technology, and a fully packable design. Its two-stage lid allows you to completely remove it to reveal a wide mouth opening or just remove the smaller top cap to drink and neatly pour from.


Pros: Classic look, built to last, two-stage cap with cap lanyard

Cons: Heavy weight can be a concern if you're looking to pack light

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