Make & Model - Streamlight TLR-1 HL
Claimed Max Brightness - 800 Lumens
Claimed Max Runtime - 1.75 hours
Overall Length - 3.4 inches
Weight with Batteries - 4.2 ounces
Battery - 2x CR123 (included)
Controls - Ambidextrous forefinger switch
Output Modes - Constant-on, momentary-on, strobe (can be disabled)
Construction / Mounting - Aluminum, flathead/thumb screw clamp
MSRP - $243 (see notes)

The well-known Streamlight TLR-1 is one of the most popular pistol flashlights on the market, and the HL model kicks it up a notch. The original TLR-1 produced 300 lumens, but the HL offers a blinding 800 lumens of brightness. This light also incorporates a new lens, yielding a wider and more even beam than its predecessor. The anodized aluminum body is waterproof, and available in three finish colors, but it's longer and heavier than many other lights in this class. The switch activates momentary-on mode when pushed in one direction and constant-on in the other (and vice versa from one side to the other), so you need to remember which is which. Don't let the MSRP scare you, as this light is easily found online for $120. At that price, it's great value for the money. Intense brightness, solid build quality, and ambidextrous controls make the TLR-1 HL a superb performer.

Pros: Can easily be found online for $120, a great value considering its features, Available in black, flat dark earth (pictured), and flat dark earth brown finishes, Powerful 800-lumen output ideal for open spaces, but …

Cons: … Blinding splash-back from the powerful beam can be a problem in close quarters indoors, Wider and heavier than many competitors

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