Make & Model - SureFire 2211
Weight - 3.7 oz
Battery Type - Li-ion (Rechargable)
Lumen Rating - low 15 / high 200
Average Runtime - low 13 hr / high 1.25 hr
Range - not listed
MSRP - $495
Notes - At 500 bones, this wrist-worn light is clearly not for everyone. Developed for law enforcement, the 2211 is made for officers that need to deal with people and equipment that demand both hands to be free and to move. The maximum 200-lumen light is absolutely blinding and great for highlighting large, dark areas. Since the light sits on top of the wrist like a watch does, it cannot light up areas that your hands may be working in, however. We did find flipping it around and wearing it on the inside your wrist works pretty well. We like the rechargeable battery since it will save you money on batteries, but in a power outage, you'll be hard-pressed to find a working outlet to charge it with. Aside from the cost and those shortcomings, the 2211 is a solid piece of kit.
Features - Ambidextrous pushbutton switches
USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Aluminum housing and nylon wristband

Alternative Hands-Free Lights

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