Lumen Output - High 115 / Low 5
Runtime - High 8.5 h / Low 100 h
Overall Length - 6.8 in
Weight with Battery - 4.7 oz
Battery Type - AA Lithium (2, included)
Controls - Constant-on/momentary tailcap push-button switch

The improved E2L AA Outdoorsman now emits 115 lumens in high mode for eight-and-a-half hours and 5 lumens in its low-output, 100-hour-extended-runtime mode. It's powered by two AA (lithium or alkaline) batteries and features a virtually indestructible power-regulated LED emitter. The E2L AA has a rubber-like push button tailcap switch that can be pressed for momentary-on or clicked for constant-on. The flashlight's long anodized aluminum body provides enhanced grip.

Pros: Easy and comfortable to use, SureFire quality
Cons: Price – can you say ouch?

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