Make & Model - SureFire XC1
Claimed Max Brightness - 200 lumens
Claimed Max Runtime - 1.5 hours
Overall Length - 2.4 inches
Weight with Batteries - 1.6 ounces
Battery - 1x AAA (included)
Controls - Ambidextrous momentary-on switches, push-through constant-on switch
Output Modes - Constant-on, momentary-on
Construction / Mounting - Aluminum, flathead screw
MSRP - $300

Despite being the smallest light we tested, the SureFire XC1 manages to produce 200 lumens with an even beam pattern and no hotspot in the center. This ultra-compact light is powered by a single front-loaded AAA battery, keeping weight down while still providing 1.5 hours of runtime. And no plastic here; the XC1 is made of hard-anodized aluminum. The ambidextrous momentary-on switches are designed to be activated by the user's non-dominant thumb, by either pushing down or forward. These roughly ridged switches are easy to activate, even with gloves on. The XC1 can also be used in constant-on mode by pressing laterally on a recessed crossbar switch. This light may not be the brightest of the group, but SureFire's reputation for bombproof reliability and the light's diminutive size and weight will let you forget it's there and focus on shooting.

Pros: Light and compact, without sacrificing brightness, Made in the USA

Cons: 200 lumens is outclassed by much of the WML field

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