Make & Model - TOPS Knives Fieldcraft by BOB
Overall Length - 10 inches
Blade Length - 4.5 inches
Blade Width - 1.25 inches
Blade Thickness - 0.19 inch
Handle Thickness - 0.63 inch
Handle Material - Micarta
Weight - 9.73 ounces
Blade Material - 1095 carbon steel
MSRP - $170
Notes - The Fieldcraft was designed by The Brothers of Bushcraft, a group of outdoorsmen from all over North America whose combined knowledge help people survive in all ranges of climate. The knife is 10 inches long overall with a 4.5-inch blade, making it compact and relatively light.
The blade features a pointed tip and a modified Scandinavian grind — effective for carving, skinning, and batoning wood. The finger guard adds leverage while protecting your index finger. The handle is made of Micarta (a composite of linen, canvas, paper, fiberglass, and carbon fiber), producing a very strong resin. It has scalloped thumb ramps on the handles for close-quarters use, and there is a bow-saw divot to make this knife part of your fire-starting equipment (see page 66 to learn how to start a fire without matches).
The tang extends past the pommel to accept hammer blows (or give them) without damaging the Micarta. Plus, there's a specially designed scraper on which to strike the included ferro rods safely in the sheath (to avoid damaging the blade or yourself).


  • The heft, construction, and solid feel of the knife
  • Comes with well-designed survival extras without looking overdressed
  • Non-slip handle material


  • The plastic sheath can be clipped to only one side of your waist. (For an additional $39.95, a leather one can be had.)

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